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In the shadow of a pyramid

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ISBN 978-80-7036-471-0

In fifteen chapters thirteen authors analyzes the problem of Egyptian mummies in Czech collections, celebrity patron Moravská Třebová Museum LV Holzmaistera further destinies, description, results of radiological examinations and facial reconstruction Moravskotřebovské mummy Hereret, habitat Lahun from which Hereret very likely to come, and the time on the 22nd dynasty, which lived here. There is a treatise on the "father of archeology" W. M. Flinders Petrie and very similar mummies, respectively. packaging mummies, which are found in various museums; Here we read about kartonážovém shell in Opava and a mummy Meresamun in Chicago, at which it was also, like Hereret, a reconstruction of her true form. Sums up the participation Moravskotřebovské mummies Egyptological exhibitions.